Race4Good™ brings together teams from business and universities in a dynamic virtual game to solve real-life obstacles facing challenged communities.

The Race4Good™ invites the brightest and best brains from business and universities and forms them into dynamic teams to harness their experience, innovation and passion.  Participants don’t just experience the Race4Good™, they experience a personal transformation.

What is R4G?

This unique leadership programme was developed by Linda Cruse, drawing on her 18 years’ experience as an international leader at the frontline.  The Race4Good™ can be offered as a stand-alone competition, a fully tailored, deep-immersion leadership programme for business or a workshop.   A unique way to attract, develop, motivate and retain employees.

Teams are usually given up to 21 days in which to research real-life obstacles facing a specific challenged community and to develop a business plan which will bring long-term economic uplift.  The winning plan will inject vibrancy, innovation and new market opportunities into the community; will restore hope and dignity to the villagers and transform lives.  It's virtual gaming and leadership with a real-world twist!

Why R4G?

Central to the Race4Good™ leadership programme is a dynamic, virtual race through which leadership skills are discovered, developed, challenged and embedded through high-impact, experiential learning and situational leadership challenges.  Within this healthy but pressurised environment, accelerated change takes place as participants become fully immersed within the community and race against other teams to develop the winning plan.   Inspired by gamification for learning, the professional and personal rewards are immense and the storytelling opportunities unlimited.    For more information about the benefits to business and to learn why gamification and learning are such a powerful combination CLICK HERE.

The winning team are flown out to meet the community and see their plan brought to life. 

To learn more about Linda's work and programmes visit: www.lindacruse.com

For a downloadable summary of the Race4Good™ CLICK HERE.