I could probably write five pages about how amazing everyone on this journey was and how my life is forever changed by being part of the Race4Good™. Thank-you Linda for showing me how to Be the Change! The race and the trip both dramatically increased my confidence in cross cultural communication and I now understand that if you take the time to learn about another community’s culture, you can truly make an impact. This experience will carry over into my future work. All I do is talk about my experience and how I felt like we were truly making a difference. I’m recommending it to everyone I know! ”

Alexa Libro
UCLA Student Lead

Linda Cruse’s Race4Good™ is an innovative programme that harnesses the brain power of university students with support from business leaders to create sustainable solutions to truly help third world communities in need.  As a business leader, I had the opportunity to mentor a group of students who were bright, thoughtful and talented. Through the Race4Good™ experience I realised how much I enjoy working with students to help them reach their potential as leaders.  I am now exploring other opportunities to teach and mentor students in local government and non-profit sectors. ”

Megan Roach
City of Beverly Hills

I was so honoured to be invited to take the role of chair of judges in the Race4Good™ competition. I am so glad that our efforts to leave a positive footprint were felt - it was a top priority. I am sure that the winning team will listen, learn and be fully present for the trip to Nepal to implement their ideas. ”

Sue Stevenson
CEO, Lifted Fog, LLC

What surprised me was the impact we could have in such a short time with life-changing results for a community half way across the globe.  Race4Good™ is an amazing development tool for employees and an amazing recruitment tool for young millennials for whom helping others is an important aspect of their lives.  From a business perspective, to allow your employees to focus on something besides the bottom line for the company, I think says a lot about the business.   Any business considering being involved in Race4Good™ should know that the impact you are going to leave on your employees, they will remember for the rest of their lives and that will be associated with your company.   The experience I had will be a highlight of my career here at Hilton & Hyland and something I will never forget."

Charles Black
Hilton and Hyland

Great Job Linda and the UCLA team. I am so very grateful to be able to hear about progress - the villagers in Thangdor are off to a great start! What a wonderful race - can't wait for the next one. Amazing work you are doing. ”

Morgan Fisher
Solar Director

I just want to say thank you to everyone in the Race4Good™! We put everything we had into this business idea and we are proud of our final product. Unfortunately, we did not win but in the end the village is going to get the hand-up it needs. Thank you all for helping us! If I could do it all over again I wouldn't change a thing. I'm proud of the CSUN team! ”

Ryan Robles
CSUN Student Lead

Linda Cruse is a magical genius. The Race4Good™ mini workshop had impact on the problem of fully feeding families in the Vail Valley. Teams of TEDxVail speakers provided innovative thinking for solving the challenge for the hard working, underfed residents of Eagle County, Colorado. Using business brains to generate original solutions, the winning team is already eager to turn their plan into a reality. We can imagine employing this original process for many more adventures to come, focusing on housing, health, and happiness. TEDxVail is proud to be part of this fun, impactful game. Play on!”

TEDxVail Organiser

Race4Good™ was a transformative experience for not just the young talents at GSK but also their coach leaders."

General Manager, GSK

The Race4Good™ was the most powerful leadership programme I have ever taken!”

Nobuhito Kittaka
Manager, GSK

Race4Good™: I loved taking part in such a fun, fast-paced and outcome driven race, where I got to share my skills/innovation to practically uplift the BVI community. Loved being put in teams with members of the local community and students – what an honour!    A great end to a great week. Where else do you find cultural and community immersion programmes like this around the world?   An unforgettable experience laced with meaning and purpose." 

Owner, Think Tank Media

The Race4Good™ brought together a group of people from varied career and socioeconomic backgrounds, to brainstorm and come up with concrete solutions to the serious problem of food insecurity in Vail, Colorado.  In fact, it was precisely this formula that was the key to success! With so many different personalities and experiences coming together, there is no other option than to think outside-the-box.    It was transformational, inspiring, and gave each participant such a euphoric sense of accomplishment.”  

Owner, Current Events Co.