Described as one-part pioneer, one-part entrepreneur and one-part magician, Linda Cruse is the ultimate frontline humanitarian and leadership expert, intent on changing the world forever.

Linda Cruse is an international aid worker, leadership expert, author, inspirational speaker and founder and CEO of Be The Change: Business Leaders at the Frontline, Race4Good™ and Emergency Zen thought-leadership series.  More information and details of Linda's programmes can be found at:

Linda’s 18+ years of frontline humanitarian aid work have taken her to every continent in the world where she has assisted in some of the most catastrophic natural disasters such as the Asian tsunami, the Pakistani earthquake, two Philippine super-typhoons and currently the aftermath of the 2015 Nepal earthquake. Her work has taken her to conflict zones, high mountain nomadic areas and refugee camps, as well as into challenged communities worldwide.

Linda Cruse is the ultimate humanitarian aid worker intent on changing the world forever.

In 1996 Linda was a stressed-out mum working in a job she hated, was driving along a motorway in the UK in the middle of the night when she suffered temporary blindness. This terrifying episode led to a profound insight: what is the point of living if life has no point? Determined to make a difference, Linda started a new life as a frontline humanitarian aid worker.

Linda has fused her passion for adventure and explorer’s spirit with a deep desire to make a difference to remote communities. To enable her to do this she has developed and launched two unique programmes:

Be the Change: Business Leaders at the Frontline

“To engage the best and brightest minds and apply their entrepreneurial skills, innovation, passion and creativity to sustainably uplift challenged communities.”

Linda used her extensive knowledge of private sector engagement to develop this unique programme for employees; enabling personal and professional development within an organisation whilst simultaneously bringing meaningful change to the world.

Be The Change takes passionate, inspiring and creative leaders and uses their professional and personal skills to solve some of the world’s seemingly most intractable problems. Developed in 2010, the BTC programme is designed to make a real difference in communities where other initiatives have failed or never been attempted. Led by Linda Cruse, participants take on the role of a Be The Change ambassador and fly out to spend time with a carefully selected community in desperate need of help. As a team, the BTC ambassadors devise a business plan to economically and socially uplift a village using a ‘hand up’, business-led approach; exploring ways of injecting vibrancy, innovation and new market opportunities into the community.

Race4Good™: Where the Best and Brightest Compete

“To bring together teams from business and universities in a dynamic virtual game to solve real-life obstacles facing challenged communities.” Further details of this unique programme can be found in What we do.

Author and Inspirational Speaker

Linda’s book “Marmalade and Machine Guns” 16 countries, 3 continents, 12 years and one suitcase, one woman’s quest to help disaster-stricken communities back on their feet”, follows her outstanding work and the adventures. Endorsed by Sir Richard Branson who comments; “Linda makes the impossible, possible.”

Linda lectures and teaches worldwide. She is a compelling and inspirational speaker with a unique understanding of motivation, global cultures, leadership and community building.

Linda has worked side by side with some of the worlds’ most influential figures including HH The Dalai Lama, HRH Prince Charles and Sir Richard Branson and companies including Nestle, Cadburys, Thai Beverage, KPMG, Manpower, Merrill Lynch, Deloitte, GSK, Continental Airlines, Wyeth, Abbott, Allied Dunbar and Hasbro. Linda has also worked alongside foundations such as The Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum, United Nations High Commission for Refugees, Virgin Unite, the World Bank and numerous local grass roots NGOs.

In 2014, Linda was appointed a Senior Fellow in Residence in the College of Business and Law at the University of Canterbury New Zealand.

Linda is also a qualified nurse and magician!

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