Could your employees be part of a Race4Good™ team even more dynamic, passionate and creative than we have seen before?

Are you looking for a unique leadership programme which will set you apart from the competition and change the way you develop your workforce? Your employees won’t just experience the Race4Good, they will experience a personal transformation.

What is R4G?

The Race4Good™ combines Linda’s frontline leadership skills with a virtual reality game to form a high-impact leadership programme for business, the Race4Good™.   Available as a comprehensive, deep-immersion leadership programme or a stand-alone race; the Race4Good™ is a unique way to attract, develop and retain employees. 

Central to the programme is a dynamic, virtual race through which participants discover, develop and embed leadership skills by immersing themselves in rich, real-life content.    Working within teams, participants benefit from high-impact experiential learning, virtual reality, leadership lessons and situational leadership challenges designed to drive core values, encourage cross-cultural communication, spark innovation and celebrate outstanding performance.   It’s virtual gaming and leadership with a real-world twist!    

Why R4G?

During the race, teams are challenged to develop an innovative business plan to solve critical issues facing a specific community across the globe.   Within this healthy but pressurized environment, accelerated change takes place as passionate, inspiring and courageous leaders race against each other for the opportunity to implement their plan.  Inspired by gamification for learning, the race provides a safe space for trial and error in which participants can experiment and make decisions.    Drawing on compelling, real-life content, participants begin to share their experience through storytelling; stories which underpin brand, convey passion and purpose and bring business strategy to life.    Throughout the race, teams are monitored and receive timely feedback intended to achieve optimal results, develop instincts and emotional responses, and promote effective and informed decisions.    Tapping into human emotion, the race includes competition and reward and real-life content designed to boost understanding and retention.    Simply put - gamification achieves results.


The winning team travel to the community to see the plan brought to life and are rewarded with a life-changing experience which gives them a bigger view of the world and fresh insights to bring to the workplace.    The benefits do not end there however.   The race fosters accountability and teamwork and demonstrates that when you pair innovation with heart, the result is true and long-lasting transformation.

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