Could your university students be part of a Race4Good™ team even more dynamic, passionate and creative than we have seen before?

Could your university students be part of a Race4Good™ (R4G) team even more dynamic, passionate and creative than we have seen before? If yes, we would love to talk to you about how your university could get involved and the potential impact on students.

R4G takes passionate, inspiring and creative students and uses the skills they are developing through life and study and applies them to some of the world’s most intractable problems.

We can create a unique competition designed to stretch and challenge your students and provide them with an unforgettable, life-changing experience. With your help, we can form dynamic and passionate student teams and challenge them to develop business plans which will bring long-term economic and social uplift to a community in need. The winning plan will inject vibrancy, innovation and new market opportunities and restore hope and dignity to a community.  The benefits and process are captured in a Race4Good™ PDF, link below.

Why R4G?

For students, having a real and meaningful project, with real-life emotions, through which they can test and stretch their developing skills on a personal and professional level has proven to be highly effective and highly rewarding. Much more so than any hypothetical or traditional classroom-based course.

Knowing that each action taken by students has real impact on real people in a community enhances engagement, excites participants and provides the determination to find the best solution and bring about real change. Teams are given a specific timeframe in which to research and develop their plan and are given surprise challenges to tackle along the way.

Student teams are fully supported throughout the competition by local business leaders or alumni as well as the R4G operations team.


In a truly unforgettable experience, the winning team will be flown to meet the community and see the first phase of their plan brought to life.

Benefits to Universities

R4G is designed to spark innovation in emerging leaders, enhance cross-cultural communication, test and stretch, improve confidence and produce skilled collaborators able to translate complex strategy into practical solutions. To progress successfully, participants are required to undertake research that is not easily available, to use sources other than the internet, to discover the skills of each team member, to consider another’s perspective and work closely together to achieve the best solution. For many participants, this will require them to stretch their emerging business knowledge whilst developing their skills and channelling their energy into a team they believe capable of changing the world.

If you would like to learn more and discuss the possibilities with Linda Cruse, CONTACT US.