Linda Cruse: What The Asian Tsunami Taught Me
While working in Thailand after the Asian Tsunami, Linda unexpectedly found inspiration in the words of a former colleague.
Linda Cruse: The Courage to Make a Difference
Video capturing the frontline experience in Nepal of Elsa Renton from GSK in New Zealand.
Linda Cruse: Courageous Leadership
This blog was recorded by Elsa Renton of GSK who recalls her profound Be The Change experience in Nepal in July 2018.
Linda Cruse: Surviving a Typhoon
From early 2014, Linda Cruse spent two years in a remote village in the Philippines helping a community bounce back after it was devastated by Typhoon Haiyan.
Linda Cruse: Three Day Old Urine!
I am in a yurt in the middle of nowhere in the High Himalayas, the wind is howling outside, it's freezing cold and pitch black.   I am invited to drink three-day-old urine - find out why:  TED TALK
Linda Cruse: Unsung Heroes
In 2010, Linda was invited by Sir Richard Branson to lead on projects involving the Berber community in Morocco, one of which would change the destiny of a local unsung hero, Hameed.