Be The Change: Uplifting Singbandi Village in Nepal
In March 2018, a small team of Be The Change ambassadors travelled with Linda Cruse to the 'forgotten village' of Singbandi in Nepal. Their aim to provide a business hand-up to the community - in just four days, amazing things happened. In this blog, one of BTC’s younger ambassadors - Oscar Hammond - eloquently sums up his Be The Change experience.
Life on the Frontline: Facing My Fears
In February 2018, Linda Cruse was asked to run a Just over a year ago Linda Cruse was leading a mission to the village of Thangdor in Nepal, devastated by the earthquake. The road to the village had been swept away in a landslide and she found herself frozen with fear on the side of a mountain.
Race4Good: 1 Challenge, 3 Teams, 4 Hours
In February 2018, Linda Cruse was asked to run a Race4Good mini workshop to address the serious issue of food insecurity in Vail, Colorado. Fellow TEDx speakers and key local residents came together to form dynamic teams; they had four hours to find a solution - but could it be done?
Linda Cruse: What The Asian Tsunami Taught Me
While working in Thailand after the Asian Tsunami, Linda unexpectedly found inspiration in the words of a former colleague.